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Jerry and Marilyn Fine have written a new book entitled Making Decisions Based on GOD's Specific Personal Promises.

What is more important in life than making good decisions?

Why pay the consequences for bad decisions?

This book tells you why, and shows you how, to make Godly decisions. It is designed as a personal read, and requires no Leader’s Guide.

This important and practical book, MAKING DECISIONS, is a sequel to ONE on ONE with GOD, showing how to apply principles from God’s Word, the Bible, in making decisions. Whether you’re a strong believer, a new believer, or a skeptic, this book is a must read.

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Book available for purchase in our online shop now.

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A Process for Discipleship

A Path that leads to knowing Jesus personally,

A Lifestyle of walking daily in intimate fellowship with Him,

A Tool for making disciples and producing disciple-makers.

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